How is the Popular Revolt going in Belarus?

The Popular Revolt is still going on and especially on weekends many people take to the streets to continue to protest against the stolen elections and the violence from the authorities. Unfortunately, the uprising did not lead to a rapid retreat of Lukashenko. We are now for the long game. Last week, the EU indicated […]

Belarus uprising continues, long term now

As former President Lukashenko refuses to resign after the lost elections, the deadlock in Belarus remains. Unfortunately. From neighboring Lithuania, the new president, Svetlana Tichanovskaya, continues to fight for a peaceful change of power. The patience and peaceful nature of the population and the protests is already legendary. The people of Belarus show their true […]

Protests in Belarus

Dictator Alexander Lukashenko, as expected, falsified the August 9 election results and did not accept his crushing defeat. At the time of writing, the actual winner, Svetlana Tichanovskaya, has fled the country to Lithuania to reunite with her children. This is unlikely to stop the protests, on the contrary. Of course traveling to Belarus, apart […]

Does Belarus take COVID-19 serious?

Not really, judging from the remarks from President Lukashenko, that went all over the world in April. Fortunately, the large majority of the population knows better and does stick to social distancing and other required measures. Hopefully this will be sufficient to open the country in due time again, and keep casualties low.

New website, now including Ukraine!

March 2020 gives much time to improve and create websites, for reasons well-known. And therefore we could speed up the launch of this website, which comes to replace, as we have added a country and tour programs in that country. We are talking about Ukraine of course.

From Guy Trip to Girls Trip

Of course, it was inevitable. After creating a Guy Trip to Minsk it would be unfair not to create a Girls trip to Minsk! So we did and you can read all about it here.

Football Trip leads to Guy Trip

The participants enjoyed a five-day trip with friends & acquaintances to the Belarus – Netherlands football match in October 2019 in such a way that we offer it as Guy Trip. As is offered on this webpage. Without the football game, that is. But enough remains and activities have been added. Where can you drive […]

Belarus homestays, the best possible accommodation!

Indeed, so to speak from personal experience. Try to plan at least one overnight stay in a homestay during a visit to Belarus (we are happy to do that for you!). The rustic location in villages, the exceptionally hospitable owners, the stunning & extensive meals, in combination with often a small museum and many stories […]

Trip across the Ukraine border to Chernobyl

Due to the enormous success of the HBO-series the nucleair disaster that happened in Chernobyl in 1986 once again has gotten into the spotlights. And in 2019 – and earlier – it is possible to visit Chernobyl in a safe way, starting from the Ukrainian capital Kiev. You will get to reactor number four at […]

Belaz, the biggest trucks in the world

Looking for an excursion in Belarus not to a museum, cathedral or nature reserve, but something completely different? Enter the Belaz factory not far from Minsk, where the world’s biggest trucks are manufactured for the mining industry. The largest models have wheels with a 3.5 meters diameter! We gladly book you an excursion to this […]