Are there possibilities for sustainable travelling in Belarus and Ukraine?

We are aware of the relationship between travel and sustainability.
And we realize that not travelling is the most sustainable.

If you still want to see other parts of the world, such as Belarus & Ukraine, then you have come to the right place!

Both European countries are easily accessible by plane, but if you have enough time and start from within Europe, also by car or train.
If you want to visit the countries by plane, and we will provide the tickets, you can indicate if you want us to book a CO2 surcharge.

In the countries themselves you can travel by car and by train. Especially between the cities, the train connections and trains in both countries are excellent and recommended. This will contribute to your sustainable travelling in Belarus and Ukraine.

Likewise, we prefer to use homestays in both countries, i.e. where they are present, which means in rural areas. Traditional meals are prepared here from mainly local products.

Belarus and Ukraine are economically developing countries; tourism expenditure in both countries contributes to the development of the countries and increases the general prosperity.