Examples of Individual Tours in Belarus

Stalin Line, Minsk, Belarus

Shoot with a Kalasnikov rifle at the Stalin Line!

Guy Tour to Minsk and surroundings

A five day trip with a unique mix of acitivities ideally suited for men. Ride on an old Sovjet tank, shoot with an AK47, visit the Belaz truck factory and enjoy nature during a day of kayaking or cross-country skiing in a nature reserve. Of course there’s the city of Minsk with its cultural attractions – and nightlife. A special program among our tours in Belarus!


Braslov lakes, Belarus

Enjoy beaches and watersports in Belarus!

Adventurous Family Holidays in Belarus by self-drive

Enjoy a 14-day self-drive holidays full of variety in friendly Belarus. You’ll visit beautiful cities & museums, nature parks, enjoy homestays in villages and spend three days relaxing at the Braslov Lakes. Belarus is safe, roads are good and quiet. Prices on request.


Lenin statue in Brest, Belarus

Lenin is still going strong in Belarus

Belarus and the USSR

A short tour to Minsk and vicinity visiting museums and architecture related to te USSR epoch. Even a visit to a Soviet-style apartment and dinner with the family is included! Optionally you can visit a ballet or opera in Minsk, with typical high quality performances like in Soviet times!


Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Belarus

Playground in the famous Belovezhskaya Pushcha nature park

Highlights of Belarus – cities, castles, palaces & nature reserve

In case you have just over a week time, and wish to see as many highlights of Belarus as possible, this may be your perfect Belarus tour. An intensive program including the capital Minsk, cultural cities of Grodno, Vitebsk & Polotsk, Palaces & Castles and a Nature Reserve.


Nesvizh Palace, Belarus

Beautiful Nesvizh Palace is an absolute must to visit

Belarus Complete

Among our tours in Belarus this one visits the most important sites in the country. Including a stay in a traditional Belarus farmstead, a night in a fairy-tale castle, a visit to a 600-years old national park and excursions in the capital Minsk. Also visits to the cultural cities Grodno, Vitebsk & Polotsk and in the fortress city of Brest.


Cycling in Belarus

Enjoy quiet roads, forests, marshes and hospitality while cycling in Belarus

Cycling tour in Belarus

Belarus is relatively flat with good roads and little traffic, excellent conditions for cycling. In ten days you will cycle from Brest to Minsk via nature parks and old towns. Tailor-made cycling trips for small groups are well-possible.


Napoleon at Berezina, Belarus

Memories from the times of Napoleon and also WW1 and WW2 on this tour

In Napoleon’s Footsteps

In one week you will visit important battle fields from Napoleon’s war with Russia. Plus museums and other Memorials from WW1 and WW2. A tour program for aficionados.


Looking for a different city and country with your girlfriends, try Minsk and Belarus!

Girls Trip to Minsk and surroundings

A four-day trip with an option to extend to five days, full of variety. Get to know the culture and history of the capital of Belarus, and of course the nightlife. With special activities for women, such as an excursion to a jewelry factory and relaxing in a wellness complex. A day in the countryside with horse riding and folk dancing complete this unique program!


Minsk, Belarus

Visiting a different city, with plenty of culture and nightlife, and not expensive? Try Minsk!

 City Trip Minsk

A four day trip to the modern and classy city of Minsk, including several optional excursions inside and nearby the city. From mountainbiking to evening performances, WWII sites and much more. Minsk is unknown, but diverse and interesting, from bustling nightlife to excellent museums!


Homestay in Belarus

The best of Belarus are its homestays, scattered around the country!

Homestay Tour in Belarus

From the experiences of customers and ourselves, we conclude that the best tours in Belarus include at least some nights in the friendly and attractive homestays. That works best in combination with renting a car. We have prepared you a 12-day program for exactly these reasons!