Ukraine & Moldova

Examples of Individual Tours in Ukraine and in Moldova

Odesa Port, Ukraine

Odesa port at the Black Sea coast, with numerous beaches as well!

Highlights of Ukraine – Kyiv, Lviv and Odesa

For those with limited time, this tour combines the three most interesting cities of Ukraine in 8 days. Your start in the capital Kyiv with ancient sites in a bustling and modern city. Onwards by train to Lviv with it’s many architectural monuments, the city center resembling an open-air museum. One more train ride, this time to the grande port city of Odesa, quite a different and unique city in Ukraine.


Ukraine countryside

Experience the countryside of West-Ukraine

Treasuses of West Ukraine, between Lviv and the Carphatians

NEW IN 2020! A program for the enthusiast, with time. In no less than 17 days you will be introduced to the highlights of Western Ukraine, with start and finish in Lviv. This travel program was tested and drawn up in 2019 by Oksana (from the region) as a graduation assignment, for which she herself visited all places. You will get te know about Lviv, the Carphatians, Hutsu culture and much more!


Soviet mural art in Ukraine

Soviet time murals are still abundant in Central Ukraine

USSR Tour in Central Ukraine

SELF TESTED IN DECEMBER 2019! – and a very special travel program, and not for everyone. This trip is all about Soviet architecture, decayed and also new steel mills, space travel, military complexes and Chornobyl! With start and finish in Kyiv you travel in eastern direction but of course not to the war zone. Among our tours in Ukraine this one stands out for reasons of adventure!


Guesthouse in Gagauzia

Bikes for rent at a Moldovan guesthouse

Highlights of Moldova in seven days, plus Transnistria!

SELF TESTED IN SEPTEMBER 2021! – Moldova is a country almost the same size as the Netherlands located between Romania and Ukraine. And also in terms of culture and inhabitants it is a mix of Romanian and Slavic (Russian-Ukrainian) influences. ‘Officially’ the poorest country in Europe, but in reality it is not that bad. Moldova is a land of monasteries, fortresses and, above all, wines. On this trip you will also visit the renegade republic of Transnistria!