We start travelling again in 2021!

So we believe and we look forward receiving your tour requests again!

On these pages you find many examples of individual tours for your holidays in Belarus and Ukraine.

UPDATE CORONA VIRUS, MARCH 30th: it is still, unfortunately, not advisable to visit Belarus and Ukraine due to Covid-19.
As for Belarus, because of arbitrarily violence in the streets of Minsk and other cities by the authorities against passers-by a visit cannot be recommended. From the end of March the protests will increase again and so does the violence from the authorities.
From November 1st 2020 Belarus can only be entered via Minsk Airport.
Travelling to Ukraine is still not recommended as the cases are increasing again by the end of March while vaccinations are lagging.

In December 2019 we visited several cities and sites in Central- and East Ukraine (keeping a safe distance from the wartorn Donbas region of course) to set up a unique Industrial Tour. This program focuses on Soviet Architecture, Space Industry, Soviet Military Sites, Soviet Retro Technology and old & new factories, even an iron ore mine!

Our Tours

Looking for a new and unique destination for a short trip with a group of friends? See our offer for a four-day guy trip to Minsk and surroundings. Get to know modern Minsk and its nightlife, but also the greatly sad history of Belarus and memories of WWII. A day of kayaking or cross-country skiing and a visit to a truck factory complete the varied program that can extended to five days. Check out Erwin van Veldhoven’s report on this trip in October 2019 in our testimonials!

Of course, a Girls Trip in Belarus had to be added and we obliged in November 2019! Including visits to a jewellery factory, a spa complex and a farmstead with horse-riding an country dance we created a unique and new Belarus tour!

We offer tailor-made tours and on these pages you will find a number of examples of tours in Belarus and in Ukraine. With our  knowledge of the countries we gladly help you to create your perfect trip in Belarus and in Ukraine.

Countryside art in Belarus

Selection of our Tours

Odesa Port, Ukraine

Highlights of Ukraine – Kyiv, Lviv and Odesa

For those with limited time, this tour combines the three most interesting cities of Ukraine in 8 days. Your start in the capital Kyiv with ancient sites in a bustling and modern city. Onwards by train to Lviv with it’s many architectural monuments, the city center resembling an open-air museum. One more train ride, this time to the grande port city of Odesa, quite a different and unique city in Ukraine.


Braslav lakes in Belarus

Adventurous Family Holidays in Belarus

Enjoy a 14-day self-drive holidays full of variety in friendly Belarus. You’ll visit beautiful cities & museums, nature parks, enjoy homestays in villages and spend three days relaxing at the Braslov Lakes. Prices on request.


Stalin Line at Minsk, Belarus

Guy Trip to Minsk and surroundings

A four day trip with a unique mix of acitivities ideally suited for men, that can be extended to five days. Ride on an old Sovjet tank, shoot with an AK47, visit the Belaz truck factory and enjoy nature during a day of kayaking or cross-country skiing in a nature reserve. Of course there’s the city of Minsk with its cultural attractions – and nightlife.


Soviet mural art in Ukraine

Industrial Tour in Central – and East Ukraine

SELF TESTED IN DECEMBER 2019! – and a very special travel program, and not for everyone. This trip is all about Soviet architecture, decayed and also new steel mills, space travel, military complexes and Chornobyl! With start and finish in Kyiv you travel in eastern direction but of course not to the war zone.