Adventurous Family Holidays in Belarus

Adventurous Family Holidays in Belarus

Braslov lakes in Belarus

Highlights of this family holidays in Belarus:
– the cultural cities of Grodno, Polotsk and Vitebsk
– the Fortress of Brest
– self-driving in quiet Belarus
– overnight in the castle of Mir
– two homestays in the countryside
– staying at the Braslav lakes with watersports options
– the many faces of Minsk, with memories of WW2, but also theater performances and open air concerts in the summer

About the country

Belarus surely is an attractive country for a family holidays. It’s safe, friendly, clean and distances are relatively small. In addition a varied tour program is possible, like the one we offer here.

You will drive yourself in a rented car and visit towns with interesting museums & churches, nature parks, castles, stay with people in small villages and finish with a three-days stay at the Braslov-lakes with plenty of watersports options.
We offer a two-day extension including visiting two beautiful cities in the north as well.

Prices are on request and depend on the chosen optional excursions, type of rented car and level of accommodation.

A visa is no longer required for stays up to 30 days with arrival and departure at Minsk Airport since July 2018, for most countries.

Read more about the highlights of travelling in Belarus, plus practical advise, here.

day 1

Arrival in Minsk Airport, transfer to your hotel in the city (40 kms). Start of your family holidays in Belarus!
Minsk, Belarus

day 2

WW2 Monument nearby Minsk, Belarus

A day in the capital Minsk. We offer you a city excursion with English speaking guidance. For example, you can visit the impressive and new museum about the Second World War, or a new and modern (interactive) museum ‘Belarusmini’ or the ‘agrocomplex’ (which is a typical phenomenon of Belarus) ‘Dukory’, or an open air museum with all sorts of activities for children, or also the Stalin Line, an open-air museum with trenches and real tanks & planes from WW2.
Transfer to your hotel and accommodation.


day 3

You pick up your rental car in Minsk and start your tour. We have reserved for you accommodation in Mir Castle (a special experience), located 100 km southwest of Minsk. Today you can visit both the Castle of Mir and first of all the nearby Palace of Neswizh, two unmissable attractions. Accommodation in Mir Castle, which by the way includes a really good restaurant.
Nesvizh Palace, Belarus

day 4

Mir Castle, Belarus

We booked a homestay in a village 155 km southwest of Mir. Dinner there is included. You can first do an excursion in Mir Castle.

day 5

Lenin statue in Brest, Belarus

The final destination today is the city of Brest in the far southeast of the country, a ride of more than 200 km. If you do not have enough of castles yet, a visit to the Castle of Kosava may be worth a detour.
Brest is an attractive and neatly groomed city, best known for the Fort Brest. The railway museum is also worth a visit.
Accommodation in a hotel in Brest.

day 6

Brest Fortress, Belarus

Optional (but very rewarding): an excursion with English-speaking guide to the Fortress of Brest, where in June-July 1941 soldiers of the Red Army stood for a long and brave stance against the advancing troops of Hitler. Afterwards leisure time. Overnight stay in Brest.


day 7

The national park ‘Belovezhskaya Pushcha’ is just an hour’s drive north of Brest. This world-famous park, included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, recently celebrated its 600th anniversary! It is one of the last and largest remaining parts of the immense primeval forest that once covered the European Plain. Some oaks here are really supposed to be more than 600 years old! The park was once used as a home and playground for Polish princes and Russian tsars, who spent a lot of time resting and hunting.

Bisons in Belovezhskaya Puscha, Belarus

The reserve is home to about 200 species of birds, including the corncrake, eagle owl, white stork, along with the 60 species of mammals such as wild boar, wild horses, moose, deer and perhaps the most famous, the bison, one of the symbols of the country.
We have booked accommodation here for you within the national park. A visit to the local museum is worthwhile.
Optional: rental of mountain bikes and a guided bike tour in the park.
Accommodation in a hotel in the woods.

day 8

The final destination today is the beautiful city of Grodno, located more than 100 km north of the national park almost on the border with Poland. Along the way you can visit castles in the pictures Pruzhany and Ruzhany, which in both cases means a detour so the day distance can be up to 245 km. Accommodation in a hotel in Grodno.
Grodno, Belarus

day 9

You are free to discover Grodno yourself, or book an optional guided excursion. Accommodation in the same hotel.

day 10

Rural art in Belarus

You have a long drive across the countryside of Belarus ahead, before ending in a village on the border with Lithuania 320 km away. On the way you can for example visit a castle in Lida and a church in Gervajaty. Accommodation in a homestay in a village.

day 11

Braslov lakes, Belarus

At 180 kms from the village are the Braslow Lakes, your next destination. Here you will find plenty of opportunities for water fun, from swimming to water sports, as well as hiking opportunities in the surrounding forests. Accommodation in a hotel or apartment near the lakes.

days 12-13

Braslov lakes, Belarus

At the Braslov lakes, time for relaxing. Accommodation in a hotel close to a lake.

day 14

Stork in Belarus

Transfer back to Minsk (250 km) and accommodation in a hotel in the city.
(see for an optional three-day program below)

day 15

You drive your rental car back to the airport where you can deliver it. End of the tour.

Optional program from day 13 at the Braslov lakes

day 14

St. Sophia Cathedrale in Polotsk, Belarus

A 130 km drive to the city of Polotsk in the north of Belarus. In the city center the sights of a.o. the Sophia Cathedral are easily accessible by foot. Accommodation in a hotel. Optional: a city tour with guidance.

day 15

Church in Vitebsk, Belarus

In the course of the day – you decide for yourself – you drive to the other beautiful city in the north of Belarus, namely Vitebsk, also located on the Dwina-river. Just like in Polotsk, the center of Vitebsk is also very suitable for checking-out. In addition to several churches, you will also find a museum dedicated to the painter and artist Marc Chagall, born in 1887 near Vitebsk. Accommodation in an attractive small hotel in the center of the city. Optional: a city tour with guidance.

day 16

Rural art in Belarus

You drive back to the capital Minsk (300 km).
Accommodation in a hotel in the city.

day 17

You drive the car back to the airport and turn over the keys. End of the tour.

Prices for this family holidays in Belarus range from €1,000-1,200 per person at 4-2 persons. This is an indication for the 17-day program.
Included are the transfer airport-Minsk hotel, all accommodations in 3* hotels (also homestay, Mir Castle and homestead), car rental for 15 days and a guided excursion in Minsk.







    from €1,000-1,200 p.p. at 4-2 persons for 17 day program


    15 days with extension to 17 days

    Route map of tour in Belarus